Dork Tuesday: Mordheim Cult of the Possessed Warband

The Cult of the Possessed, my first Mordheim warband.
The leader of my warband still needs a little work. That stuff coming out of the skull should look like eldritch fire, not something from Whole Foods.

A few years ago, my wife pointed out that painting miniatures wasn’t really art. I was just coloring in someone else’s work like a three-dimensional coloring book. A fair point, but frustrating because it’s easy to invest hours in a single miniature, and besides that, do your coloring books go pew pew when you hold them up together? I thought not!

That’s what got me into doing conversions and sculpting. With most of my figures, I will at the very least sculpt my own base using an oven bake polymer clay. Sometimes, conversion is just a matter of swapping around parts from different kits, like a kid with a box of Legos, so still not art. With other figures, I can claim some scant degree of artistry. I’ll sculpt on large portions using an epoxy putty, and the end product is something very uniquely my own. Of course, the very best thing about wargaming in general is that these painted figures don’t just sit on a shelf. I get to chip the shit out of the paint jobs playing make believe like a ten-year-old . . . but with onerous rules that I can debate like an adult. That said, they mostly sit on a shelf.

The figures pictured here are from my Cult of the Possessed warband for Mordheim, a skirmish scale wargame designed by Games Workshop and set in the previous incarnation of the Warhammer world (prior to their Age of Sigmar revamp). It’s a game that encourages the sort of customization and tinkering that I mostly enjoy and sort of hate. The Possessed, in particular, are afflicted by strange mutations that make conversion work almost mandatory. They are agents of Chaos, a surprisingly predictable force that seeks to recalculate the world’s ratio of tentacles to orifices (but not necessarily in that way).

I could have done a better job on the guys on the left, but hey, look at the tentacles coming out of that other dude’s face! Chaos!
The expendable zealots. The guy with the mohawk in the background is from the old Battlemasters game from Milton Bradley. I’m kind of proud of the guy on the far right. I added on a lot of his outfit.
Unfinished mutants. The guy on the right just realized that he locked his keys in the car . . . also, he is going to have a scorpion tail, which irritates his hemorrhoids. He is inspired by a snippet from a Liam Lynch video. The guy on the left was supposed to have a frog nailed to his arm, but look at the size of that thing! I don’t know what it is going to end up being now. But, I’m really pleased with how his club turned out, plus there’s that Gene Simmons tongue. I used a WH40K ork body with spindly little zombie legs.

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