Dork Wednesday: Just an Ork


One of my favorite paint and conversion jobs. Imagine your best Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons voice as you read about how this is an ork from the Blood Axe Clan, a faction within the Warhammer 40k game universe. His bolter dates back to the 1st or 2nd edition of the game, so it required a major overhaul with the customized barrel to put it on par with the scale of contemporary ork arsenals. The old figures were substantially smaller with hands that looked like Mickey Mouse gloves, so it can be a challenge to reconcile the bits and pieces when bastardizing models. I added some fun details with him toting around a Space Marine backpack and shoulder pad, because my rank-and-file troops are obviously murdering humanity’s finest in droves. I am most satisfied with the color scheme and little details on the base, and I’m sure this guy will look great as part of a unit if I weren’t painting at the rate of one miniature about every month or so. Maybe some day I’ll even play again!


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