My byline has been occasionally misspelled as “Cagemann” or “Kaufmann,” but there are a growing list of articles, stories, and poems attributed to my correctly spelled nome de plume, Derek Kagemann.

I am still in the process of updating this list. Just about everything is here save for the list of articles that I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student back when I was in college and a few errant works, like a promotion script that I’d written. It is humbling to realize that so much of what I have written has just been sitting around these past few years, gathering dust while I’m driving the family to doctor’s appointments. I am looking forward to changing that trend and putting my work back into circulation.



RPG Articles

Newspaper Articles

List of articles for the Indiana Daily Student pending


  • Halycon was a pulp fiction magazine that spanned two print and two online issues. As fun as it was, I was not making enough of a profit to justify the expenditure of time once my son was born, as I was handling nearly every aspect of production. My friend, Brett Flowers, created the exceptional cover art for both issues prior to his death.

Other Media

  • Sang lead for Truckin’, Truckin’, Truckin’, performed by The Dread Pirate Roberts, and composed ambient music tracks for the movie, Shadows, 2004.
  • Lead singer for the now defunct, Bloomington, Indiana-based band, The Dread Pirate Roberts, 2004.



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